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EnviroQuiet II

FloorFolio is proud to introduce its newest revolutionary version of EnviroQuiet: EnviroQuiet II – Instant Install.



This product offers all the same great benefits of our original EnviroQuiet without the delays incurred to acclimate the product to ideal job site conditions. While still a glue down product it now offers instant access to install your floors. EnviroQuiet, has always been the best and first choice to meet the challenging demands of sound requirements for your facility, now it goes one step further and offers quick and painless installation as well.

According to Michael Freedman, President and CEO of FloorFolio,

“We have been asked time and time again if you could just have a product that does all the great things EnviroQuiet does, but doesn’t require acclimation you would then have the perfect product. Well that time is now here with the introduction of EnviroQuiet II!”

Come visit us at NeoCon to get a firsthand look at this great new product!  Booth #7-7130

EnviroQuiet II is composed of 3.2 mm thick rigid LVT adhered to 3mm thick acoustical backing, yielding an overall thickness of 6.2 mm.

Standard options will feature an 8 mil wear layer, suitable for residential and multi-family applications.  (Upgrade to a 12 mil wear layer for added durability).

Commercial options will be offered with a 22 mil wear layer, and a denser rubber backing, suitable for high traffic areas. (Upgrade to a 30 mil wear layer for added durability).

EnviroQuiet II

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